Expanding Pinprick of Light Visualization

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Expanding Pinprick of Light Visualization

by happyhugs » Sat Apr 04, 2015 6:22 pm

Hi Everyone!
I've done 3 different types of visualizations now. I have no problem with the visualization of the body filling up with sunlight like a vase or placing my focus on the different chakra points. Just as Andy says these feel like they're happening on their own and they're accompanied by a very physical sensation.

The visualization with the pinprick of sunlight expanding from the chest is a different story. The problem I have is with switching perspectives as the ball of light expands. I'll try to explain.

After the visualization has begun and the ball has expanded for a bit my perspective might look like this:

At this point the visualization is going well. There's a small physical sensation accompanied by it and I feel connected to it. It still doesn't seem like it's happening on its own though. After the ball gets bigger than the room around me I have to switch to 3rd person to make it any larger:

Sometimes I can transition smoothly and I still feel connected to the ball of light but the sensation dulls at this point. As the ball gets larger still I have to zoom out further:

And I feel even more disconnected from the visualization. Towards the end of it as I zoom out more:

The physical sensation is gone and it's more like I'm just imagining something that isn't connected to me and isn't part of the space around me.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for your help,
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