Trouble with Stress pack - liquid sunlight visualization

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Trouble with Stress pack - liquid sunlight visualization

by Derbyherb » Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:08 am

Hi there,

Been having trouble with this for the past week so I figured I'd come to the headspace site and see if someone has some insight. I've been struggling with doing this visualization of the liquid sunlight. My first difficulty is creating a picture of what liquid sunlight would actually look like. I know the answer should probably be "it doesn't matter" but it's a continued distraction.

The other issue is the timing and following the audio as it fills up the body... I've just been finding it agonizing timing the fill in my head. "Ok, it's been several moments since we hit knee level, so it should be at about waist level now, no that's too fast, ok now." "Alright we've been filling to the top of the shoulders for several moments, it should be spilling into the arms soon" etc.

Just not sure how to approach this. Wondering if I should start over from day 1.

(Newbie here to the practice of meditating. I found my way to this app from Dan Harris' talk at Google:
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