Resistance and V1 heart series

The way we approach our meditation will reflect the way we approach life. There are so many misconceptions about what meditation is, or isn’t, and what we’re supposed to be doing, or not doing, whilst sitting with our eyes closed. So this is the place to discuss our view, our attitude and motivations - how and why we’re getting some Headspace.

Resistance and V1 heart series

by Millymollymandy » Sun Dec 14, 2014 12:26 pm

I'm just putting in this post as a sort of benchmark for myself.

One of the things I love about Headspace is how accessible and cool Andy has made the Buddhist approach to meditation. In particular (for me) he has changed the vocabulary of the Westernised approaches which always seemed to be bad translations of what probably sounds OK in Tibetan or Indian or whatever language it originated in. Gratitude for me just rhymes with platitude. Another of the phrases that has particularly grated is "loving-kindness" so I was really looking forward to the heart series to hear how he translates this into our practice.

So imagine how I felt when he introduced the first session by talking about - loving-kindness! I'm delighted to discover that having spent the last few months thinking about how my meditation can benefit other people this no longer frightens me (which is what the grating was masking!) and I'm now curious to discover what lies in store.

Anyone else discovering or uncovering resistance?
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