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The way we approach our meditation will reflect the way we approach life. There are so many misconceptions about what meditation is, or isn’t, and what we’re supposed to be doing, or not doing, whilst sitting with our eyes closed. So this is the place to discuss our view, our attitude and motivations - how and why we’re getting some Headspace.

Getting started‏

by FKQGNS » Mon Oct 05, 2015 4:52 pm

Hello all :)

So I did the first day of the Take10 practice. Pretty dope!

I did some meditation also before, getting to a stable 30 minutes practice for up to a couple of weeks, but never managed to make it a daily life habit unfortunately.

In that sense I like being guided as time flies much faster apparently: the 10 minutes were so gone.

My first question is about the feeling of heaviness of your body while meditating. There are tow things I notice: first that I feel the heaviness way into the exercise. In the audio it is mentioned around the second minute or so, but I can feel it only after starting counting the breaths, it’s really hard to estimate the time, but I’d go with 6/7 minutes in (?). Now I even did the practice once more trying to focus on the sensation but I had very similar results (I don’t know if this was any useful). So the question is: is this normal? Should I want to improve this?

A second and related question is about breathing itself. At the beginning, as asked I take nice deep (loud at first) breaths. In time I notice that I really minimalize breathing a lot. To the point that changing among nose and mouth feels effortful. I’d much rather just breath in and out through the nose. Might that be an option? I am not falling asleep at all though, it is like a form of ‘trans’ I think one may call, and, as I ease myself into it, it is also very comfortable to stay in (hence the 30 minutes sessions)

Related to this is a bonus question connecting the two above: if I rationally think of what I do I am just under-oxygenation my body through taking the smallest, comfortable, breaths possible. Not having much oxygen in my body my limbs obviously feel numb and heavy. Maybe a good question here is: should I be able to feel my body to be heavy even when taking full deep breaths? That sounds a bit counterintuitive to me, but what do I know ;)
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