Letting the mind be free vs. distraction

The way we approach our meditation will reflect the way we approach life. There are so many misconceptions about what meditation is, or isn’t, and what we’re supposed to be doing, or not doing, whilst sitting with our eyes closed. So this is the place to discuss our view, our attitude and motivations - how and why we’re getting some Headspace.

Letting the mind be free vs. distraction

by WritingLife » Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:59 pm

I'm working my way through the Creativity pack, and I'm in the third part where we're asked to focus on the breath, then let the mind be free for as long as it wants ("If it wants to think, let it think") until we notice we're distracted, then return to the breath.

So my question is -- what is the difference between "let it think," and being distracted?
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