Help please

The way we approach our meditation will reflect the way we approach life. There are so many misconceptions about what meditation is, or isn’t, and what we’re supposed to be doing, or not doing, whilst sitting with our eyes closed. So this is the place to discuss our view, our attitude and motivations - how and why we’re getting some Headspace.

Help please

by meditator-FK560G » Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:29 pm

I'm new to Headspace and can't work out what it is all about. I listen to the meditations wondering what I will be asked to consider next and why, and find it very repetitive. I'm also trying to work out the point of meditating as I simply find it a source of major frustration. Far from feeling calm during or after listening, I feel annoyed that the process just doesn't seem to make any sense to me. I can't find any sort of overview within the app to set me on the right track with it. I thought meditating would be relaxing and enjoyable, but when I listen, I feel frustrated, irritated and confused by it. I just don't know where it is taking me, and wonder if messing with my head may be doing more harm than good.

Listening to sounds around and then scanning the body seems so irritating and boring. I really don't want to notice my breaths or sense how my body is feeling. Why keep bringing the attention back back to the body and away from it? Why the long pauses making me check the app hasn't crashed? I'd actually prefer my mind wandered off rather than bringing it back again. I'm wondering if I'm being brainwashed and feel unnerved by the process during and afterwards. After one session I felt so frustrated with it that I did SOS1 and SOS2, but felt the same frustration with those, because it seemed that they hadn't addressed the problem and just left me wondering what I should have got out of it.

I'm up to day 13 after purchasing a year of Headspace, but I feel more confused about the point of it all every time I use it.

There are so many good reviews and reports about Headspace, meaning that I must be doing something wrong.
Can someone please provide some explanations and point me in the right direction with it. I would really like it to have a good effect.

Thanks for reading,
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