Doing techniques throughout the day

Doing techniques throughout the day

by Headspace » Tue Oct 28, 2014 6:53 pm


For example, with the creativity pack, we were asked to imagine the point of light in the chest and expanding it as far as possible. With the focus pack, we were asked to imagine a football sized ball of light and move up and down through points in the body.

My question is this: once I move on from a pack, should I stop doing those 30 second exercises throughout the day? Is it a bad idea to take 10 30 second chunks out of my day where 5 are for creativity and 5 are for focus? Should I 'focus' only on 'Focus'?

Andy's answer:

Yeah, good question. It can get very complicated very quickly once different techniques overlap, so the short answer is simply use the one you are on, leaving behind each technique when you finish a pack. That’s certainly the way it was done traditionally and seems to work best for most people.

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