Comparing experiences to the past

Comparing experiences to the past

by Headspace_HQ » Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:10 pm


How do you practice not comparing experiences to the past and just experience the moment and accept whatever is happening without judgement?

Andy's Answer:

This is a great question. We spend so much time looking back at our past experiences and so much time looking ahead either hoping for one outcome or fearing a different outcome.
So it should be no surprise that when we are learning meditation the mind tends to repeat this pattern. If we get a very pleasurable feeling one day, we may well chase that feeling the next day and get frustrated when we can't repeat it. Likewise, if we feel uncomfortable one day, we might feel anxious about our next session, even though it might feel pleasurable.

What we forget is that every time we let go of that and simply sit, in the moment, we weaken the habitual response to look forward or backwards. It is something which just happens.

We may have to let go of it many times, but it is the same idea. And to let go of it, we simply need to be aware of it. This is the practice.
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