How can meditation help when you are grieving?

How can meditation help when you are grieving?

by Headspace » Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:48 pm


How can meditation help when you are grieving?

Andy's Answer

Death is part of life. It is unavoidable, inescapable, and when it happens to someone close to us, it is often painful beyond words. Letting go, or saying goodbye is hard, but the more we have practiced letting go in our own mind through the application of meditation, the easier we will find the outward expression of letting go.

This does not negate the sadness of a loved one passing, nor does it in any way reject the very natural human emotion of grief. Instead, it suggests a way we can move through this difficult time with calm and composure, making the best possible decisions, being present for those who are in need and, most importantly, acknowledging and processing the grief.

What often happens when we grieve is that we either find the emotion too overwhelming to be with and so we ignore it, or we spiral into depression, becoming increasingly lost in thought. Meditation shows us an alternative way, where we can be present with these feelings, acknowledging and respecting them, allowing them room to breathe, to come to the surface and be experienced. When we do this, then the emotions flow freely and the grieving process becomes something quite different. For some, it is transformed to such an extent that it becomes something quite beautiful.

Regular practice of meditation also reminds us that everything is always changing, even our thoughts and feelings. The more we see this day after day, the more this becomes a direct experience rather than just an idea or concept, the more we understand that nothing can last. This makes it easier to say goodbye. It also grounds us, bringing us in to the present, reminding us of just how precious this human life is.

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