Meditation and blindness

Meditation and blindness

by Headspace_HQ » Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:33 pm


I believe this is not an impediment to meditation and mindfulness but do you have any tips for approaching or practicing meditation as a blind person? - the meditations always start with having your eyes open while you softly gaze at your surroundings and then close them after your initial deep breaths - clearly this should not be a big deal but wonder if you've come across this type of question from other blind people?

Andy's Answer:

Yeah, this is a question which has come up a few times now. In short, blindness needn't be viewed as an obstacle to meditation.

Your assumption was quite right and there is no need for you to follow the first part of the exercise. That said, instead of the soft gaze, can I recommend you imagine as far as you can in every direction. So it's as if you were sitting in the middle of the universe (in space if you will) with endless space all around you in every direction. Simply by bringing that image to mind you create a very similar feeling as the soft gaze.
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