Disturbing images and anger during my meditation

Disturbing images and anger during my meditation

by Headspace_HQ » Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:26 pm


I experienced some disturbing images during my meditation and felt angry afterwards and like it spoilt my meditation. How can I approach this?

Andy's Answer:

This sense of anger you experienced can be very natural, but it's worth considering how much you entertain the idea afterwards. Sure, we may not like the fact that we get anxious once in a while, but by adding anger and frustration into the mix, we are really just pouring petrol on the fire. Mindfulness is about observing thoughts and feelings without judgement or criticism. Instead, simply acknowledging the feeling, recognising it is part of being human and understanding that all human beings experience something similar - even if it sometimes feels we are the only one.

Generally speaking, as humans we tend to filter most of our thoughts. This is why the dream world (where are thoughts generally go unfiltered) often appears so bizarre when we awake in the morning. So, in that part of the exercise, when we let go completely, we are essentially dropping the filter, maybe for the very first time. At first this can sound quite scary, but it actually the beginning of something very special - sometimes refereed to as freedom of mind.

Imagine no longer being afraid of thought, no longer being resistant to certain emotions, instead just experiencing the mind, exactly as it is, no matter what thoughts arise (and yes, disturbing ones are not at all uncommon). That's partly why that part of the exercise is so short to begin with, it's like dipping our toes in the water. Over time everything settles down and we can simply relax as we let go. But give it time and be kind to your mind in the meantime.
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