Involuntary twitching during my meditation

Involuntary twitching during my meditation

by Headspace_HQ » Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:04 pm

User Question:

I was struck by your guidance "the more you move the body, the more difficult it I for the mind to settle". I suffer from cerebral palsy and I have frequent twitches in all limbs. If this movement makes it more difficult for the mind, do have any suggestions for how I can make it easier for the mind? (I am anxious to do the right thing, although telling myself to relax is probably not useful here. Should I break the meditation into two shorter times?).

Andy's Answer:

Yes, you are quite right to pick this out and it's a very important point. What I perhaps fail to mention in the guidance, is that I am referring to voluntary as opposed to involuntary movement. So, for example, it is quite normal for individuals while learning to get a little bored and to mindlessly scratch their head or shuffle in their seat. This kind of movement is very counter-productive to having a quiet mind. However, sometimes people will experience an involuntary twitch and this is absolutely fine, in fact it may even help to quiet the mind after.

In your own case, and for others who experience regular involuntary twitching as a consequence of a particular medical condition, it is absolutely fine and in no way detracts or takes anything away from the meditation. In fact, on the contrary, the twitching may well help the process of unwinding and should never be discouraged.
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