Relaxed state during meditation

Relaxed state during meditation

by Headspace_HQ » Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:58 pm


During the meditation - toward the end, when you ask us to 'let go of any thoughts' I find it extremely easy to let go, and my mind goes into a lovely relaxed mode. Could you tell me if it would be better for me to try and reach this state of mind earlier in the meditation, for instance when you ask us to focus on the breath? Or is it better that my mind is more active during this part of the exercise?

Andy's Answer:

It's a great question and your experience is very common. The reason you experience that state is because you are letting go, you are no longer thinking about focusing, or expending any additional effort in trying to focus, so the mind immediately finds itself in this very restful place. But it only finds itself there because you are not trying to get there, so I would advise against trying to stimulate that mindset earlier in the meditation.

It may seem a little too short, but that's purposely done and as you continue through the Headspace journey those moments will become longer and longer. Not only that, but over time, this feeling will naturally become part of focusing on the breath as well.

In short, you are doing everything just right and if you continue with the same sense of openess and curiosity, everything will flow very smoothly.
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