Why do we focus on the 'out breath' in some meditations?

Why do we focus on the 'out breath' in some meditations?

by Headspace_HQ » Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:55 pm

Andy's answer:

Generally speaking I encourage you to witness and be present with the entire breathing cycle, both the in-breath and out-breath equally. However, in Take15 I'm introducing you to an aspect of the breath many people are unaware of.

Our breath is intimately linked to our mind. When we are rushed and stressed the breath is generally fast. When we are at ease and relaxed the breath is generally slow. When we are shocked we might take a sharp breath in. When we are bored or tired we might loudly exhale. So the breath acts as a barometer for the mind in many ways and it can be a useful companion (beyond simply keeping us alive of course!) when learning mindfulness.

Typically, when we breathe out we let go. Try it. Without trying to breathe out, simply watching the out breath. You'll notice that the body softens, it is an act of letting go. Most people feel more relaxed at this point in the breathing cycle and it's useful to remember that. So in Take15 I'm really just pointing to this experience and helping you become more familiar with that feeling of the body softening and the mind letting go.
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