Noise distractions during my meditation

Noise distractions during my meditation

by Headspace_HQ » Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:54 pm

Andy's answer:

Interestingly, it is rarely the external noise which is the issue, but rather our reaction to it. So, as long as they are not physically disturbing you, then the advice is quite straight forward.

Next time, when you hear the noise, notice your reaction. That does not mean 'think' about your reaction, but rather 'notice' your reaction. Is it something physical? Is it thought? What is the feeling or sensation? Whatever it is, make that your object of enquiry or focus. Forget about everything else and just stay with that. Even if the external noise continues, that's really not so important, the important thing is to simply be present with the reaction. When we do this, when we do it in a gentle and sustained way, then something very interesting begins to happen. It also frees us from being dependent on a quiet environment.

Remember, the practice of meditation is not about learning to sit as still as a statue, it is not about clearing the mind, or even focusing perfectly. It is being able to be present and at ease with the mind, no matter what, even when the circumstances are not favourable.
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