No response to the question

No response to the question

by Headspace » Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:06 pm


What if my mind is blank in response to the question? I have not been able to feel much emotion at all, with the exception of the first day when I felt sad. It's more or less been the same response for 13 days. Have I missed something?

Andy's Answer

Yeah, this is a very common experience when learning this type of technique and one which I experienced myself many times.

But the interesting thing here is that we really can't go wrong either way. If we ask the question and something comes up and there's some kind of feeling attached to that, ok, so we sit with that feeling. But it is nothing special.

If no answer comes up and the mind appears 'blank' as you say, then this is what most people dream of, having a complete absence of thought or feeling. So if this is the case you can just relax into that space and enjoy the experience of no-thought.

What is probably happening right now, even if at a very subtle level, is a process of watching over the process. Funny as that sounds, it is very common. By this I mean we ask the question, knowing that we should not get involved but habitually wanting to be involved in some way, perhaps checking to see if an answer has arisen, to see if we missed anything, or if we need to do something more to 'make the exercise work' in the way we think it should work.

As I say, this is usual to begin with and is part of the process of letting go, realising that we can afford to give up control, to let the mind be a bit more free and to just notice when anything of interest arises.

I hope this is helpful.

Warm wishes, Andy
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