Too much meditation?

Too much meditation?

by Headspace » Tue Jul 22, 2014 1:24 am


I have now started meditating twice a day with Headspace. I do a 30 or 60 minute guided meditation in the morning and one of the Headspace Pro sessions in the evening. The other day, I felt I could do even more then someone suggested to me that too much meditation could be bad for you?

What are your thoughts on this and on how much daily meditation it is OK for me to do?

Andy's answer:

It sounds as though you are really committed to the journey and have put aside a good amount of time each day to meditate, which is brilliant.

I would say that actually sounds like a really good amount right now. Personally, I would recommend carrying on with the Headspace Pro series alongside your 60 minute morning meditation, as it can really help with a few of the more common obstacles.

As for whether it can do you harm, my own experience is absolutely not. There is some interesting research and some curious tales which sometimes suggest that once people get into doing deep retreat, perhaps 10-18 hours of meditation a day, without the correct guidance, then there is the potential for harm in a very few individuals. But even then it is extremely uncommon. So you can feel safe to continue as you are for now and perhaps look at slowly nudging it up in the future if you find it helpful - and you have time :)
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