Present vs. future

Present vs. future

by Headspace_HQ » Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:40 pm


I always feel in conflict between being in the moment and looking at my overall vision of life/projects. If I am "only" in the moment I just "stumble" through life without any clear direction (which might not be bad but sometimes aims and some sort of vision ist quite helpful). If I focus on my vision I loose contact to the present moment. Can you give some advice how to manage both?

Andy's Answer:

Yeah, this is an interesting one. The suggestion is that planning for the future and the present moment are somehow separate. But they are not necessarily. It is often necessary, appropriate and helpful to plan for the future. And, if we do it consciously, we do it in the present moment. So, we are thinking about the future, but in the present moment. This is good. But often the mind wanders to the future without us being fully aware of the tendency and whilst there we get caught up in all kinds of worries, fears, expectations etc and so we struggle in the present moment because we are not in the present! So the trick is to be conscious of this thought and clear in our intention.
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