Meditation is affecting my sleep?

Meditation is affecting my sleep?

by Headspace_HQ » Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:15 pm


I seem to have gradually developed difficulties achieving deep sleep.

Andy's answer:

First if you are experiencing consistent issues with your sleep, it may may well be worth seeing a doctor to ensure that there haven't been any physiological changes in recent months. Simple imbalances can often disturb sleep patterns and tend to come on quite gradually over time.

In respect to meditation, there have been some reports (both anecdotal and scientific) which suggest that increased meditation can actually lead to less deep sleep. These studies imply a lighter quality of sleep with greater awareness. Some individuals reported this experience as pleasurable and more restful, whilst others found it tiring and fitful. That said, others studies have shown it improves the restful quality of sleep for all. It may well simply come down to the individual and their conditioning.

So-called sleep hygiene is another thing to consider. Have you started using your computer, tablet or phone late at night? Have you changed your routine at all? Are you perhaps eating later or exercising differently? All of these things will impact sleep over time.

From a meditation point of view, and of course you'll already know this, the difficulty in going to sleep, or in going back to sleep, is not viewed as the problem in and of itself, it is simply seen as an 'event'. The problem only arises when we react to that event and become frustrated, impatient, restless and so on. The result of this reaction is an increasing trend toward negative thinking, which inhibits sleep further still. So I would always look at the reaction to the problem, rather than the problem itself, to gain further understanding.
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