Question over the dream like quality

Question over the dream like quality

by Headspace » Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:03 pm


I am not sure when to apply the dream like quality Andy talks about outside of the meditation because i find it conflicts with being mindful i.e Many times throughout the day when i become aware i have drifted of into lala land my focus is brought back to the present moment which is great and this has increased and continues to do so with regular meditation which has improved the quality of my life hugely. So when do i apply the dream like quality is it during my visit to lala land or when i am in the moment?

Andy's Answer

Hi and many thanks for your question.

Yeah, the two ideas of mindfulness on the one hand and a dreamlike quality on the other can sound contradictory at first, but actually they sit very well together. As you know, mindfulness simply means to be present and undistracted. But we can do that with a great amount of intensity and effort, or we can do with a very light and spacious mind. The dreamlike analogy moves us a little closer toward the spacious end of the spectrum. By questioning as instructed in the exercise we are almost forced into the present moment with this big, wide open-ended question of "Could it be?". So in that moment there is a coming together of presence, openness and wonder. These are the essential ingredients for training the mind.

So, rather than thinking of this dreamlike quality as day-dreaming, where the mind just wanders off, instead perhaps think of it as arriving somewhere magical or new, where there is a sense of awe and of wonder. It is the feeling of being so absorbed in the moment that we almost forget ourselves, the commentary of the mind falls away, the mind opens up, the senses become more alert, the emotions are forgotten, judgement is put aside and in that space of openness, that dreamlike quality, we experience, if only for a moment, how life could potentially feel, if we just took things a little more lightly and didn't buy into the thoughts and feelings quite as much as we usually do.

Hope that helps to clarify things,

Warm wishes, Andy
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