charitable sponcers ?

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charitable sponcers ?

by meditator-OV5X5D » Sun Nov 23, 2014 3:24 pm


I have just completed the 1st take 10. I found headspace through my therapist. I have been seeing her for nearly a year now, because the year before was a terrible year for me i had just entered my 20s and through a series of horrible events that all seemed to come at once i eventually got broken. I had so much stress put on my shoulders for such a long time that my mind decided to give up lol i suffered from severe depression and then after that i got severe anxiety and it was really difficult to leave the house.. it still is but I am starting to heal now, my anxiety is still there to a point were i still cant work. So my question is does anyone know who the charitable partners are ? I have looked high and low and nothing can tell me who they are even Wikipedia doesnt have an answer ! Haha. Headspace so far has been a blessing i can actually relax my jaw ! Through this practice and if uv ever experienced this you'll know how amazing that it. My family have all noticed the change in me from just doing take 10 its my life line right now but i cant continue without help which is crap.

So thanks for reading and any information you could pass on would be greatly appreciated :)
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