I cant access sessions I have already completed

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I cant access sessions I have already completed

by JuanOrtiz » Mon Oct 13, 2014 12:00 pm

I'm loving the new version in many ways, but finding it frustrating in many others, and I feel these are small details that could be fixed if the Headspace were open to it ( I have seen a few comments in posts within this forum, but no response form the Headspace team).

I really hope this changes at some point. Anyways, here is what happened to me:

I was on day 9 of the Sleep series.
Then, as Im in holidays I found myself with much more time to dedicate to meditation, and wanted to do in parallel to the Sleep series i do early morning (which is mainly body scans) another series during the evening, and went to the Appreciation series. Once I loaded it, i realised:

- I can not have access to 2 packs (or more) simultaneously

- All my progress on Sleep series got lost - I only can access day 1, and in order to access day 10 tomorrow I'll have to manually trick the app so it things I have done all 9 days within 1 day.(meaning that moving forward, I'll always have to start a pack from day one, even If i know there is a specific section I would find useful revisiting. also, this will affect all my stats, which already I can not trust)

- I lost all my downloads[/list]

I hope this time the Headspace team will reply.
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