No Money No Headspace

Here’s an opportunity to share your own Headspace Journey with the rest of the community. Maybe it’s changed your own life or maybe it’s changed the lives of those around you. We’d love to hear about your own stories, the trials and tribulations of learning meditation and your experiences of applying that to everyday life. Let us know your thoughts.

Re: No Money No Headspace

by desertway » Fri Feb 27, 2015 12:47 am

Its frustrating that the Headspace private message system doesn't work. I also have a 1 month voucher available. If someone here provides an email address, I will pass the voucher along. Please be sure to protect yourself by messing up your address, like "your address......attt.....soandso dotcommmm". Then, after you receive the voucher, come back to the forum and edit your post to remove the address.
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