No Money No Headspace

Here’s an opportunity to share your own Headspace Journey with the rest of the community. Maybe it’s changed your own life or maybe it’s changed the lives of those around you. We’d love to hear about your own stories, the trials and tribulations of learning meditation and your experiences of applying that to everyday life. Let us know your thoughts.

No Money No Headspace

by meditator-E6ZQ3M » Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:31 am

So i downloaded the free version about a week ago and i loved it until I realised I cant go on without a subscription. Ive searched far and wide for a great app like this one for meditation. Im hooked now but i just cant afford the subscription. I am an alcoholic/addict who has been in and out of recovery for 2 years and the only thing that has ever helped me successfully through a relapse thought is meditation. I want to stay sober and clean but for an addict sometimes thats not enough. I am about half way through a program called drug court. I have about a year left. I love this program and its given me life again. I have a great job and making somewhat good money. The problem is I have an extra bill of 200 bucks every month to pay off drug court fines so i can graduate in a year(hopefully). My point being is i really love headspace but i cant afford it. I think its the greatest thing ive found for my recovery.
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