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Here’s an opportunity to share your own Headspace Journey with the rest of the community. Maybe it’s changed your own life or maybe it’s changed the lives of those around you. We’d love to hear about your own stories, the trials and tribulations of learning meditation and your experiences of applying that to everyday life. Let us know your thoughts.

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by Elisha » Fri Jul 18, 2014 5:11 am

I signed up through my email but when I paid I forgot how I signed up and did it through Facebook.

I finished the first 10 and realized my mistake. Now I've paid but I can't get to the second group. I'm going some on the go in the mean time. I also emailed tech support but they day they can't get to my email for 72 hrs.

I was wondering if anyone did this or knows how to combine the accounts. If I can do it myself I don't need to bother tech support and I can get back in track. Thanks.
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