Letting go and chance

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Letting go and chance

by Dauphin » Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:22 pm


I would like to share something extremely strange I noticed while playing backgammon on the net or with my computer, in relation with letting go.

I meditate with the Headspace app for about a semester and I think I really figure out what letting go is supposed to be. I find it extremely hard to achieve it but I manage every now and then to let go.

And here's the strange thing : when playing, I sometime let go about the game. For instance, I'm thinking about something else than the game and play 'automatically'. Like when you're driving and saying to yourself : wahoo, I've been driving for 5 minutes without even being aware of anything (the road, the trafic, signboards, etc) like a robot in a way. But a robot with a mind still.

And when I play in that state of mind, the dice I'm 'expecting' (the word 'expecting' isn't even correct cause I'm not expecting anything precisely) are exactly the one I need.

Hard to explain.

It is sometime different : I'm perfectly aware of the game but let go of any hope. On the contrary I am sure that I will get the right double or the right combination. But really sure. Like being sure that the sun will rise the next day, letting go of the tiniest fear such as : hopefully, I hope that, please give me a double 6, it would be great to get that, I'm sure that (with a very little doubt in the back of my mind) etc.

I find it hard to explain but there again it works ! The results are beyond probabilities. Almost everytime I'm in that state of mind, I get the right numbers. It's extremely hard to have a scientific approach about that because the very fact of observing the phenomena (being aware of it instead of letting go) affects the result.

While writing this last line, it rings a bell. Don't quantum physics say exactly the same thing (observing the experiment has an affect on it?)

Weird indeed!
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