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PodcastQuiet Your Inner Troll

Quiet Your Inner Troll

This week, Rosie unpacks the power of self-compassion. Today, she reminds us why others' negative comments don't have to sour our opinion of ourselves.

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Better mental health starts with Headspace

(mouse clicks) Headspace Studios. (peaceful music) Hi everyone, it's Rosie. Welcome to Radio Headspace and to Thursday. As you know, this week is all about self-compassion and today we're diving deep into how it can be our shield against internal negativity. A situation happened recently that made me think about the power of self-compassion. While scrolling through the comments on one of my reels I came across a facetious remark that read "Is it mindful to use filters?" This comment struck a chord fueling my inner troll and planting seeds of self-doubt. My initial reaction was to engage in a mental battle. I hadn't used a filter, but if I did, so what? I was giving this person a lot of power because of old inner voices that told me I wasn't good enough but I paused. I took a deep breath, and I realized that my worth was not defined by the opinions of others. Embracing our uniqueness and refusing to be confined by societal expectations can help us find empowerment. For me this happened when I surrounded myself with supportive and accepting people who saw beyond the surface and valued me for who I truly was. Their belief in me helped to squash the judgment and negativity I encountered. In my younger years I experienced the impact of external judgment and the weight it can carry. If you've listened to past episodes, you know that I was a troubled teen from east LA, and I often found myself on the receiving end of disapproving glances, dismissive remarks and the painful realization that people were quick to judge me based on my appearance. My short black hair, ripped jeans and beat up Converse seemed to invite assumptions and stereotypes. These judgments took a toll on my self-esteem and created a persistent sense of self-doubt. I started internalizing the negative opinions of others and questioned my worth and potential. Then one day during a meeting with my probation officer, he offered the words I needed to hear. He said, "Your job is not to stop people from having judgment. Your job is to not judge yourself." This didn't happen overnight, but as I grew older and embarked on my journey of self-discovery, I learned the power of self-compassion and self-acceptance. I started a self-talk rebellion. Whenever my inner self troll would rear its ugly head, I would counter it with affirmations of self-love and acceptance. I reminded myself that imperfections are part of being human and that I deserve kindness and understanding just like anyone else. So if you wanna replace your inner troll with self-compassion, here are some tips. First, challenge negative self-talk. Notice when your self troll starts to speak and question its validity. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations and kind words. This will look different for everyone, but one of my favorites is this does not define me. It separates whatever we're going through from who we are and it creates space to let compassion in....


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  • Rosie Acosta has studied yoga and mindfulness for more than 20 years and taught for over a decade. Rosie’s mission is to help others overcome adversity and experience radical love.

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