Andy's Headspace - What Do You Want From Your Life?

November 15, 2012

Andy's Headspace - What Do You Want From Your Life?

What do you want from your life? When it really comes down to it, when everything else is stripped back, what is it that you want? Forget for a moment what you think you ‘should’ want, and even what other people might have in mind for you. Instead, be clear in your own mind about what, if you were to look back on your life at the end of it, you would most like to have achieved, offered, or understood. Right after your meditation is a good time to ask yourself this question...

Now ask yourself if this wish is reflected in your everyday life? Is it reflected in your attitude, your lifestyle, your aspirations, your words and your actions? I’m not talking about positive thinking, visualizations, or anything like that. I’m simply talking about clarity, and the expression of that clarity.

So many people spend their lives doing things that they don’t enjoy, doing things that frustrate them or leave them feeling unfulfilled. We often forget that we have a choice. Obviously, sometimes we’ll have commitments that prevent us from following a particular course in life, but rarely do these responsibilities prevent us from finding a way of living a skilful life with a sense of fulfilment.

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