Shona's Headspace: Moving house

November 04, 2011

Shona's Headspace: Moving house

I’m moving house tomorrow.

Moving is stressful.  Change can be difficult.  All the habits you have of traveling to and from your home, where you drop your keys when you get home, where you can most easily grab milk at crazy hours of the night are all going to change. 

Now I’m a natural born organiser.  I don’t mind blowing my own trumpet a bit here and saying that I’m seriously good at it.  If I put my mind to it, I can plan anything.  Got something you want to do?  Not sure how to go about it?  Give it to me and boom…I’ll give you a plan. That’s what I do here at Headspace to make sure everything’s ticking along nicely day to day, so it’s a very useful tool that I’m very pleased to have.

So ordinarily, with an impending move looming, I would have done the move approximately 448 times in my mind, checking it from every angle.  I’d have started weeks ago with this process, with a serious sense of attack and conquer, planning out each step in my head.  Again….again….and again.

Now some might say this is a really good thing.  ‘Prior planning prevents p**s poor performance’, an old friend of mine used to say, and I completely agree.  You need to think ahead; consider what you might need to organise to do a move, make sure you have thought about the how’s, when’s, why’s and who’s (i.e. getting the date in your super Dad’s diary so he can help you out!).

But I used to do this more than once. More than twice. In fact it would be constant. Honestly, I used to play the whole thing over in my head from the second I woke up till the second I went to bed and I’d normally give the whole thing a good going over in my dreams as well! And trust me, this was exhausting. Really unhealthy. In fact it was so exhausting that it made me quite physically ill at times. The tension was off the scale. I just could not, and would not switch off!

So it’s been a huge relief to see that this time round, I’ve vastly improved. I’ve of course planned my move.  I’ve made sure I’ve got the keys, planned the date, thought about how, when and with who I’ll be shifting things. But I’ve only done this a couple of times. Ok, maybe 4. Because once it’s done, it’s done. It doesn’t need me to do the same process minute after minute like a CD stuck on repeat!

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