Andy's Headspace - Learning to understand emotions

September 25, 2012

Andy's Headspace - Learning to understand emotions

How easy do you find it to identify the most predominant emotion when you sit and scan your body each day as part of your meditation? A lot of people say they find it really difficult - especially at first. Sometimes they say they are not even aware of the feeling and at others times they say they're aware of the feeling, but are too busy reacting to it to be able to be mindful of the sensation. But how did we get to be so disconnected from our emotional state?

So, which emotion is your favourite? Take a good few seconds to think about it. And which emotion is your ‘least’ favourite? Again, take a moment to think about it. Now a different question altogether. Nevermind which emotions you like and which emotions you don’t like, what emotion do you experience most often in your life? And how do you meet it when it arises? Do you 'react' with a closed mind operating out of habit? Or do you respond with time, space and clarity? Something to observe when you do your next body scan.

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