Andy's Guide to Relationships - A Different Point of View... Guide 7

February 14, 2013

Andy's Guide to Relationships - A Different Point of View... Guide 7

Like two peas in a pod, you’ve finally found that place of comfort and contentment... and it is right here. There is still a long way to travel and much to learn about each other, but you have nonetheless found that place of acceptance. Needless to say, the pod in which you pair up with your other pea can take many forms. Whilst some couples might choose to live in a small pod, snuggled up with each other day and night, others prefer a bigger pod with a little more space to roam. Some pods are quiet whilst others are noisy, some are very colourful whilst others are decidedly beige.

As long as both individuals share this sense of contentment and are meeting each others needs with a healthy and mutual respect, then it really doesn’t matter what the pod looks like to others. Sure, there might be some bumps along the way, but having trained the mind you know how to let go of these things, how not to store up lots of baggage along the way. In short, you know how to travel lightly.

Living this way, in time, you begin to experience a deep sense of unity with your other pea, and a togetherness you could of once only imagined.

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