Louise's Headspace: New experiences

November 17, 2011

Louise's Headspace: New experiences

So today’s blog is about new experiences – in particular my new job at Headspace. Starting a new job can be scary right? Whether you have 20 years experience or 2, lets face it, it’s a daunting experience yet exciting all at the same time. I find what works for me is to not much too much pressure on myself. To just enjoy it! Enjoy the new experience, enjoy learning new things, enjoy meeting new people & enjoy learning about yourself. I personally (granted not everyone is the same!), love being in unfamiliar situations/environments. I find that you always meet interesting people and every time I always learn something about myself.

There are so many exciting things going on at Headspace HQ, there honestly is never a dull day. Everyone has such a great attitude and being someone that is just starting my venture into mindful meditation, it’s fantastic to see the impact it has had on these people’s lives. Having worked in a very different atmosphere, I can really notice the difference. There is a mindful approach to everything they do which shows me that meditation can be more than just a practice – it can be a way of life.

Before I started at Headspace, I had just got back from a month in South Africa where I was volunteering on a Game Reserve. I decided a month before that I wanted to go do something that gave back to the environment and so I thought why not?! I went and did it. So a month later, I was on my way to an unfamiliar country all by myself – risky some might say, but for me the risk paid off. I had such an incredible time and met so many great people. Also while I was there, I did the world’s highest bungee, yet again I was taking another risk but gained a new experience (and the video to prove it). I think it is important to take risks in life and to have the confidence in yourself to do so.

My latest new experience is learning to meditate, I shall let you know how I get on…wish me luck!

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