Guest blogger and Headspace newbie Elsa talks about her experiences with Take10

December 02, 2011

Guest blogger and Headspace newbie Elsa talks about her experiences with Take10

I’m Elsa.  I’m friends with Shona who works at Headspace. Before she found them (and herself!) we used to sit next to each other in a very busy and pressured working environment. We both rose to the challenge often and held each other up regularly.

Shona has been raving about meditation for some time and urging me to get some Headspace. I am no stranger to a bit of ‘personal improvement’ and I even got as far as downloading the app and trying it once or twice.

So I wanted to go along to the Get Some Headspace live event back in April. I planned to go, but for one reason or another, I didn’t make it. The same thing happened again in the summer. So I was determined to attend in October no matter what.

Little did I know it couldn’t have come at a better time…

The event was so interesting and engaging, and Andy was an excellent and entertaining guide through the subject. Andy took the group through a couple of meditation exercises over the course of the day and I went home inspired and clutching my booklet. I started meditating the following day…

Andy had suggested choosing a special place to practise so I set up a dedicated chair in a dedicated corner of my bedroom. The first session made me feel like I wasn’t doing it right, during the second I felt like I was holding my breath a lot. On day three I felt like there was a moment where it just clicked into place. I really looked forward to day four, as each day I noticed I had a little more clarity throughout the day.  A little more calm and a little more relaxed.

That was the day I was made redundant!

So it was quite a surprise that days five, six and seven were strangely peaceful; ten minutes to sit in my dedicated meditation corner to just breathe. On day eight I couldn’t stop thinking about Christmas shopping and on day nine I felt truly still. Today is day ten and I have graduated to the next part of the programme: Take 15

This week could have been the week I was made redundant, instead it is the week I discovered meditation.

I really feel that taking 10 has helped me to sit back from the bad news, stress and panic, and enabled me to think and not react. Of course I am unsure about my new situation but I somehow feel a little more rational.  Those 10 minutes a day seem to be going a long way.

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