Co-founder of Headspace Rich Pierson gives an insight into his experience of Headspace

September 10, 2010

Co-founder of Headspace Rich Pierson gives an insight into his experience of Headspace

It has been a great start to the Headspace project and we all feel incredibly grateful that we have been able to be a part of something that has already started to help a lot of people. When Andy and I first discussed the Headspace project we always knew that it was a good idea, but we didn’t know how it would be received and to start with there were quite a few raised eyebrows. Let’s face it, meditation is still seen by the majority of the population as a bit weird and most people’s reaction is “it’s not for me”.

Andy and I started Headspace because we embarked on a skills swap, he taught me meditation and I gave him some ideas for his marketing. During the process of learning meditation I was amazed at the benefits it started to give me, in fact I couldn’t believe it. My particular symptom was that I had a persistent thought that plagued me incessantly, it was an irrational fear and one that I could not seem to get any kind of control over. Andy taught me that in trying to control the thought and make it stop that I was in fact making it stronger and more real in the mind. Bearing in mind that I had this persistent thought for well over 2 years it was quite solid. Within 4 weeks of daily practice doing 10 minutes a day, it subsided considerably. Within 3 months of doing it every day it had almost completely disappeared and within 8 months it had vanished. It doesn’t mean that the thought doesn’t come into my head anymore, but very rarely and when it does I pay it such little attention that it just doesn’t even bother me. This was all I ever wanted from meditation and it gave me that pretty quickly. Some might say that 8 months of solid practice is a long time, but I actually feel like it started to get better the very first week I started meditating.

The biggest step change aside from that, is that it gave me a perspective that I had never had before. It started to shine a light on how I was feeling, how and why I reacted to things, my faults, my good points, my relationships with other people and very slowly I started to see the World in a very different way. This part I can’t really put into words as it is an experience and one that can only be tasted if you do it yourself. That is why I urge you to give our take 10, take 15 and take 20 programmes a try, if they don’t work never do it again. But if you can commit to 45 days of continuous practice I am sure you will discover your own benefits.

I also want to say a massive thank you to all our customers that ring us up and give us feedback, positive and negative. Although we prefer the positive feedback! My favourite bit of feedback recently was from a mother of 3. She was a doctor and an extremely busy Mum and she said that she had no idea that she could even take 10 minutes out of her day until she came across Headspace. She said that it had completely changed her life and that she really looked forward to creating that space in the day where she could look after herself. I thought that was about as simple as it gets, we give you the tools to create a little bit of space in your life where you can hopefully cultivate some lasting happiness for yourself and in return you make the people that are close to you a little bit happier too! If that’s not worth 10 minutes of your day I don’t know what is. Happy sitting, breathing and counting.

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