Shona's Headspace: Let's talk about the weather.

October 03, 2011

Shona's Headspace: Let's talk about the weather.

Ok, so what about this weather?! I’m sure I’m not the only one who grabbed that summer dress back out this weekend, cranked up the BBQ and paraded round in shades again. How happy everyone has seemed these past few days, lounging around in these amazing rays. It’s been a massive treat, that’s for sure.

So I found this morning really amusing listening to the weather lady.  She was taking a guess that today was the last day of the heatwave…and when she was telling this to the nation…there was an obvious sense of ‘apology’ in her tone. The chat with the presenter was very much about, ‘So how long do we have left of this? How many more hours have we left before it goes’, and the tone seemed to suggest, that when it was gone, life would be grey.  And miserable.  And the party would be over.  End of.

And it really got me thinking about how I, much like most of us I’m sure, like to hang on to the good things.  The weather has been awesome, and I’m sure a really pleasant surprise.  But if we are all honest with each other, and think about it just a little bit (i.e. beyond our craving for BBQ chicken), it couldn’t stay like this forever.  If it did, (and I hate to sound a bit ‘flower power’ here but I did spend 6 years with a horticulturist so bear with me), the plants would freak out.  They must already be thinking; whaaaat?! As much as I’m sure we would love the UK to have the weather of the Caribbean, it doesn’t.  And it’s not supposed to.  It’s the UK.  Always has been, always will be, and its weather patterns will be whatever they are, day in and day out.  Mindfulness helps you develop a sense of being able to let things pass as they naturally do, and naturally always will.  So it might just be interesting to notice if you are starting to cling onto this weather with a sense of; ‘Please don’t take this away from me!!!’ Because if you are, you are inevitably going to be disappointed very soon.  And perhaps you don’t need to be…

The heat is great.  But it makes the tubes unbearable. I love my summer dresses, but I was kind of getting used to snuggling in my knit wear (which if any of you caught my blog on shopping, I did keep in the end!). And tea doesn’t quite have the same comforting effect for me in the heat as it does when it’s just a bit chilly outdoors.

So I guess I’m just hoping that after this bright sunshine turns into cool autumn again, we don’t all put our heads down, and stare at the pavements, miserable that something has been ‘taken away’ from us, when in fact, it was more a surprise that we were not expecting!

And if you need any inspiration (and again, you can blame the horticulturist influence here), just look up.  The trees are looking pretty darn beautiful right now.

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