Ask Andy: A question from our Headspace Community

February 22, 2013

Ask Andy: A question from our Headspace Community

Headspacer Question:

I realise the benefits of meditating early in the morning but recently this has been impossible due to circumstances beyond my control. I've just completed Take 15 but have now missed 2 days: today I intended to start Take 20 and again the morning was impossible. Is it better to keep the momentum of daily practice, no matter what time of day, or is it ok to take a couple of days off and start in the mornings when this is again possible? During Take 10 and Take 15 I have not missed a day but sometimes had my session in the afternoon or evening.


Andy's Answer:

Yeah, without a doubt it is always better to maintain a daily practice, being flexible with the times where necessary. There are lots of advantages of doing it in the morning, but for some people that's just not practical, at least not everyday anyway. In fact some people simply prefer to do it in the evening or at another time of day and that's fine - we all have our own cycles. The advantage of doing it at the same time each day though (no matter what time that is) is that it becomes an established part of your daily routine that much quicker and you are therefore that much more likely to do it. But you sound very committed already, so I suspect you'll find it quite easy to remember to do it later in the day when you miss the odd morning session.

Warm wishes, Andy.

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