Andy's Headspace - Tired, tired, tired

November 02, 2012

Andy's Headspace - Tired, tired, tired

Are you feeling tired today? If you are, you’re in very good company. What with trying to get everything finished before the end of the year, it seems as though pretty much everyone is feeling the strain right now. Seriously, count them up today, see how many people you meet say that they are feeling tired. Last week I met 14 ‘tired people’ in just one day! But what does it mean to feel tired, and can meditation really make a difference?

Well, the starting point is to examine the nature of tiredness itself. Naturally, this is much easier to do when the mind is feeling quite calm and clear, so doing it right after your meditation is a good idea. So, let’s assume that ‘tiredness’ is a concept (even if it doesn’t aways feel that way). It is a coming together of many different feelings, both physical and emotional, which we then associate with the idea of ‘tiredness’. Now our relationship with these feelings is vital, because if we are not fully aware of them, then in no time at all we will be telling ourselves “I feel tired, I feel tired, I feel tired”. With the emphasis on the “I”.

But if we step back from the concept of tiredness, and indeed the concept of “I feel”, and instead explore the sensations and feelings which comprise this concept, independently from one another, and without identifying so strongly with them, then tiredness starts to look very different. I’m not going to promise that the tiredness will immediately disappear, but it will undoubtedly change your perception of tiredness. This is a big idea to share in such a short blog, but perfectly achievable, and what better time to explore tiredness in this busy time of year?

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