Nick's Headspace: Smokers' delight

November 23, 2011

Nick's Headspace: Smokers' delight

Mindfulness Found to be More Effective for Smokers than Gold Standard Treatment

This morning I want to share with you some more amazing results coming out of research into mindfulness.

Research led by Judson Brewer at Yale School of Medicine recently found that 4 weeks mindfulness training, of less than 20 minutes per day, was more effective at helping smokers quit than the American Lung Association's gold standard treatment.

Over the period of 4 weeks they found that, on average, there was a 90% reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked from 18 per day to 2 per day, with 35% of smokers quitting completely.  When they checked four months later over 30% had maintained abstinence. If these abstinence rates are maintained over a year, it would suggest that mindfulness is not only a more effective treatment than the gold standard, but that it is also comparable to treatments using medication.

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