Davina McCall on Headspace - part 1

August 20, 2014

Davina McCall on Headspace - part 1

For anyone living in the UK, Davina McCall needs no introduction. A familiar face on British TV for the last 15 years, she's one of the nations best loved presenters - and we're not just saying that because she does Headspace!

In recent years, Davina has become just as well known for her involvement in Sport Relief. In order to raise greater awareness and more money for the charity, in February of this year she took on the biggest physical challenge of her life, aptly entitled 'Beyond Breaking Point' as she ran, cycled and swam her way from Edinburgh to London.
A phenomenal effort, raising over £2 million in the process, it was some of the most compelling TV we've ever seen. So, knowing she was a Headspacer, we decided to ask Davina what it takes to do something like that, how she prepares mentally for it, and how important is it to treat your head right along the way. Here's what she had to say...

The first time I heard about Headspace I was in France on holiday with my best friend and our families. It was chaos! 6 kids, non stop cooking and playing - mayhem! Fabulous, but exhausting and then Sarah told me that EVERYONE was talking about this app called Headspace. She said it was meditation and I groaned, but then she explained that it didn’t have a backdrop of whale song or religious rhetoric, it was just a way of clearing your mind and I thought it sounded interesting. I was already interested in mindfulness but I kept picking the book up and putting it down. My excuse being that I had been in recovery for 20 odd years and that 'living in the day' was something I had practised regularly anyway. So how come I still felt like a hamster on a wheel?

So, begrudgingly, one morning after we had got the kids breakfast and we were sure no one was going to kill anyone we snuck off, sat on the edge of her bed and did the first Headspace meditation. After, we both sat and dissected it, yes, we liked Andy’s casual approach and his easy going manner. There wasn’t anything that jarred or that might take you out of the moment which would be really annoying. No... it was official... WE LIKED IT. A Lot.

Then I started telling everybody. When I find something brilliant, that makes my life better I’m all about sharing. Shout it from the highest hilltops, or, if that’s inconvenient there’s always Twitter, Facebook and Insta! There is something extraordinary when it really clicks in... being in the moment completely. I’m not like that all of the time but when I am I feel so much less stressed because there is no tomorrow or yesterday... just right now and I can handle that just fine!

So, we carried on together for the rest of our holidays. Then I came back and forgot to do it and later picked it up and started again. I’m still struggling with when to do it, when is a good time. But you know what, I have to make time, which for me is something I find tricky being a working mother of three and a wife to a stud-muffin! For any Americans reading this, that means he is super hot, just in case you thought a stud muffin was a brand name for some male troop like the Chippendales. Although he would slot into the Chippendales beautifully. Anyhoo, I digress…

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August 21, 2014

Love Davina!



August 22, 2014

Get up earlier Davina :) I aim to be up 30 minutes before the nippers every day, if I missed that window I'd never sit for 20 minutes..