Natural Breathing Motions

August 18, 2014

Natural Breathing Motions

Each week here on the Headspace blog we feature some of Andy's responses to questions he has been sent by members of the Headspace community about their practice (see the Andy's Answers section of our community forum for more).

In this post, Andy answers a question from a Headspacer about breathing the natural way during practice.



For some reason this 60-year-old body of mine exhales through the nose - that is my natural way. Am I supposed to start exhaling through the mouth? I've tried that but it really takes concentration away from from meditating. By the way, you can tell I'm a nubbie!


Thanks for writing in, and that 60 year old body of yours knows exactly what it's doing! In fact throughout all of the Headspace exercises, the encouragement is to allow the body to breathe quite naturally, exactly as it wants to. The only exception to that rule is at the beginning of each exercise, where I ask you to take a couple of deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. This simply helps ground the mind and is just for that initial part of the exercise. After that, you can continue in the usual way.

Warm wishes,



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