Exercises Before Meditating

August 13, 2014

Exercises Before Meditating

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Hi there,

I was wondering if there were any recommended exercises to loosen and prime the body before sitting down to meditate?

Andy's Answer:

This is a great question. Funnily enough, in some small way this is the origin of yoga. Maybe not as it’s taught in your local gym, but how it was intended to be used many years ago. The idea was not just about limbering up to sit in one position for a long time, but actually preparing the body, physically and energetically, to be comfortable sitting in meditation.

We’re looking to produce something like this very soon, so please do look out for news on the website. Until then, I’d suggest either following a stretch routine or some very basic yoga movements which don’t require any special instruction. It may even be worth doing a class or two to get more familiar with the moves. Or if you prefer something digital, check out the Nike training app, which has an area devoted to flexibility and stretching.

Warm wishes for now,



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August 14, 2014

I find it steadying to do a couple of rounds of sun salutations before my daily headspace ... meditative in itself! There are lots of videos on YouTube if you'd like to try it.



August 14, 2014

oh good I was doing just ten minutes of yoga first to wake myself up