Meet the Mindful Traveller

July 18, 2014

Meet the Mindful Traveller

Mindful TravelOver the summer we know that a lot of Headspacers will be taking a break from the everyday and going on vacation (that’s a holiday to us Brits).

Travel is such a rich area for mindfulness. It’s driven partly by curiosity, an interest in what’s out there, and partly the essential need to take time out from routine. In a sense it’s a bit like the practice of meditation, it’s not for nothing that we call it the Headspace Journey.

But we all know that as well as all those positive new sensations, travel offers challenges. At home we spend time and effort putting together a routine that works for us, and when we travel all of that is replaced by the unfamiliar.

Then there are the practical aspects of travel. Whenever we go abroad we’re subject to forces that are outside our control, whether that’s having to take our shoes off at security, turbulence on the flight, lost luggage or a missed connection. Small things like this can pile up and start to feel overwhelming.

In this context mindfulness can be so helpful. Those essential qualities of curiosity, patience and empathy can help us turn around the difficulties that travel throws up. And on the positive side, we think you get more from your trip if you can be in the moment, experiencing it has it happens, rather than being lost in thought.

So we’d like to introduce you to a friend of ours: The Mindful Traveller. All summer long he’ll be undergoing the trials and tribulations of travel, while doing his very best to stay mindful. He’s not perfect, he’s just doing his best. Whenever you see him, look out for recommendations from Andy, podcasts, and guest blog posts.

Here’s a quick holiday podcast from Andy.

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July 19, 2014

I think Headspace helped me greatly whilst I was recently away - I ended up waiting in a huge queue for passport control (a great way to be welcomed back to England! ;) ) and instead of getting annoyed and impatient as many of the people around me were, I felt like I could just accept it more - there was nothing I could do to make the queue go away, and I had to stay in it, so that was that. I felt like I could adopt an 'it is what it is' type of attitude far easier than before I started meditating - thanks Headspace! :)



July 21, 2014

I love to travel, and have started utilizing Andy as my virtual companion.



July 24, 2014

I would love to hear your thoughts on mindfulness whilst driving long distances. There's a fair amount of anxiety in that for me.