Your Headspace is about to get even better

June 16, 2014

Your Headspace is about to get even better

It’s just 10 days until a bigger, better Headspace is launched!

We got a bit excited and packed the Take10 programme (level 1 of the Foundation Course) full of fun extras, like…

The Buddy System
Give a little and get a little back. Helping you and a friend encourage each other in your meditation.

SOS Headspace
2-minute bites of Headspace, for when you really need some instant calm.

Andy on the new Foundation Course and beyond…
"In the new foundation course (starting with Take10), you'll be introduced to the key concepts, learn how to approach the exercises in the best possible way, and get some first hand experience of what it means to be present, calm and clear. When the course is complete, not only should you feel more confident and motivated in practising meditation, but you'll also be able to get much more benefit from all the other packs in the Headspace Collection - and this is where the real magic happens".

What you need to do for now:

App users: you can update your existing app now to receive a reminder on the day of launch to download the new one. Or why not set your phone to 'automatic downloads' and let the rest take care of itself?

Then on 26th June date simply open your new app, log in with your existing details and just carry on getting some even-better Headspace.

iphone app  |  android app

Website users: nice and easy. From 26th June, just log in with your existing details at our new address, Easy.

We've updated our Terms and Conditions to include developments around our upgraded product and… for more info about the improvements to Headspace, visit our trusty Questions area.

We think you’re going to love it

The Headspace Team

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