Polly Vernon Does 'Mind' - part 4

March 31, 2014

Polly Vernon Does 'Mind' - part 4

In the final part of her debut piece, guest blogger Polly Vernon talks abs, pilates and Gwyneth Paltrow. If you missed the last part click here

So I went to Pilates, and realized, halfway through my first session, that I was astonishingly talented at it. I mean, incredibly! After decades of wondering, I’d found My Sport and while it wasn’t figure skating (as I’d hoped), it was definitely a bit sexy, a bit Gwyneth Paltrow-y. Even though no one else in my class said anything, I knew they were all thinking it, too. I’d do a plank or a balance, and they were all obviously going: Wow! That woman is a Pilates machine! I can’t believe she’s only a beginner!

I wasn’t at all surprised when, some weeks after my first lesson, I got put up a group, from Beginners to Mixed Intermediates.

Although this was when I discovered I was actually incredibly average at Pilates after all; which might have been devastating, if I hadn’t also established by this point that it is really good for my back, just as everyone always said it would be. On top of which: work out clothes are kind of hot. I had no idea! My Gap Fit leggings with the breathable fabric and the white glow-in-the-dark stripe up the side are among my top five fave current wardrobe elements, I quite regularly arrange to meet friends and / or people I want to impress after a class, and ‘forget’ to change first. And finally, there’s the small matter of my new abs, which, if I were an American TV info-mercial, I’d undoubtedly describes as THE BEST ABS OF MY WHOLE LIFE!

To conclude: mindfulness has given me abs (via Pilates). And the fact that I care about this, reassures me that I really haven’t joined a cult. Because no one this superficial could possibly be in a cult.

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