Polly Vernon Does 'Mind' - part 3

March 28, 2014

Polly Vernon Does 'Mind' - part 3

In part 3 of her debut piece, guest blogger Polly Vernon talks anxiety, pilates and chocolate. If you missed part 2, click here to read it. 

Some months into my Headspace ‘journey’ and in the spirit of sorting out the long-term, low-grade, anxious-making shizzle which has stalked my body and brain for most of my adult life, I joined a Pilates group. 

My back has been bothering me for years; something to do with it being a really bad idea for human kind to spend its life crouched over a Mac and crying softly into a keyboard, when it was physically designed to run and hunt and hide and stuff. I’d been told, repeatedly, by friends and physios and anyone even vaguely interested, that Pilates would help; I’d ignored them, because who in their right mind wants to do something which would be good for them, when they can instead carry on suffering a little and moaning lots and mainlining ibuprofen knowing it’s all only going to get worse? 

Until, that is, you start meditating a bit, at which point, doing things that might make you feel better, as opposed to doing things that’ll make you feel sad, hung over, vaguely depressed and a bit sick because you ate all the chocolate in one sitting, start seeming sort of sensible. 

Read the final part of Polly's first blog on Monday. 


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