Polly Vernon Does 'Mind' - part 2

March 20, 2014

Polly Vernon Does 'Mind' - part 2

In part 2 of her debut piece, guest blogger Polly Vernon talks mindfulness on-the-go. If you missed part 1, click here to read it.


Ah, but walking when you’re ‘on’ Headspace– which I now do – is a bit like experiencing dance music [1] when you’re on MDMA [2], in that it makes roughly a hundred times more sense. It is so much sweeter, so much more intense. My increasingly mindful meanderings through the deliciously grubby streets of London now incorporate doses of unmitigated joy when my trainered feet hit, and then bound away from, paving stones; fleeting engagements with fractured fragments of overheard conversation which buzz and crackle around me like an analogue radio gaining, losing and regaining signal, and a whole load of Looking. I’ve gawped in wonder at the old, cracked, insanely beautiful ceramic tiling on a pub front, passed which I must have walked, clueless, a thousand times already. I’ve admired weathercocks and the exquisite execution of the font on a shop sign - and then there’s London’s parks, every millimeter of which (it turns out) is constantly shifting toward the next season. I mean, wowser! Moss! 

And then there’s the sky, at which I’m increasingly inclined to gaze while being overwhelmed by a feeling I can only really express as: OH MY GOD YOU GUYS HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS IT’S AMAAAAAAZING… Which doesn’t play all that well, during encounters with ferocious, adrenaline-addled bike couriers, aka my mortal enemies in the on-going battle to own the streets. 

[1] EDM if you’re a young person
[2] which I haven’t been for a very long time, but the metaphor still works


Read part 3 of Polly's blog later this week.

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