Andy's Headspace: Finding some Headspace in a Crisis

May 01, 2013

Andy's Headspace: Finding some Headspace in a Crisis

It’s been two weeks since the bombings in Boston. Whilst that might be a lifetime ago for the news channels and media, it is but a blink of the eye for those who have suffered and those who have lost.

We’ve received so many different messages over the past couple of weeks here at Headspace, from those who were there on the day, to those who have suffered similar atrocities in other parts of the world. Many of the messages are from those who simply don’t know how to comprehend such a senseless act of violence, how to make peace with their feelings of anger, or how to live at ease with the fear and anxiety that the attack has provoked.

Whilst I appreciate these words will be of little comfort to those grieving, having been asked to write something, I have shared some words below. These thoughts and ideas do not negate the terror or the suffering, but simply offer a different perspective and a way to help cope in times of crisis.

Our thoughts go out to those who have been touched by this tragic event...

It’s often said that life is a valuable gift. But it’s only a gift if we recognise how precious it is, and it only has real value if we are present for the experience.

Along with the heartache and tragedy of losing someone, comes the understanding and appreciation that we're alive.

It is the greatest lesson that anyone could ever give us. In dying, they remind us that we're alive. It is a simple, yet profound insight.

It is an insight that allows us to see life differently. It allows us to experience the sorrow of loss, to acknowledge it, feel it, respect it, sit with it, be with it, without fear or confusion.

It is an insight that allows us to mourn and to grieve, and yet at the same time to celebrate their journey, reflecting on the intimacy and interconnectedness of life.

It is an insight that allows us to reassess our priorities, to question what we are doing with our life, how we are choosing to live it, and who we are choosing to live it with.

It is an insight that allows us to let go of all the petty stuff, ensuring we are not so caught up in our own life that we miss the opportunity to connect with those around us.

It is an insight that reminds us of the importance of cultivating calm and clarity, of learning how to be present, alive to each and every new moment.

Understanding this insight allows us to be free, to live with curiosity and wonder, but most of all to live with a deep sense of appreciation for the value and preciousness of life. 



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