Ask Andy: A Question from the Headspace Community

May 10, 2013

Ask Andy: A Question from the Headspace Community

Headspacer Question:

I have loved doing the previous series, but the Heart Series has got me struggling. I find it difficult to visualise at times, and have that sense of happiness.  

I assure you I am not a miserable person. It is the effort of concentration required and maintaining that feeling.  Any helpful suggestions please?

Andy's Answer:

Great to hear you've enjoyed the Headspace Journey so far, and yeah, it's quite common to come across a technique or theme which can feel problematic or difficult in some way, so nothing to worry about at all. 

I think with this particular technique, people often have a very definite idea how they should feel, and when that feeling doesn't arise, they either think they are doing something wrong, or start to try a bit harder to create the feeling. 

Firstly, forget about not being able to visualise - you can! I promise you. Imagine your closest friend for moment or two, what they looked like when you last saw them. Ok, that's visualisation. The technique only becomes difficult when you start to force it. So, keep it light, gently picture the different people, and as usual, don't worry if the mind wanders off - it will for sure - instead just gently bring it back each time. 

Secondly, the exercise not going as you imagined it to, in no way means you are a miserable person:)! It is quite normal to feel at times as though nothing is happening, to experience some unhappiness or a sense of not being able to do it as well as we think we should be able to do it. 

But remember, meditation is not about making something happen, it is about watching what happens. Some days this might be experiencing a lot of happiness for those other people, on other days it might be experiencing none at all. The point is not to try and change that, but to watch it, and allow it the space to change on its own. If we can maintain this attitude then this exercise becomes an incredibly useful tool. 


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