Headspace on BBC2 Horizon's 'The Truth about Personality'

July 16, 2013

Headspace on BBC2 Horizon's 'The Truth about Personality'

We're still buzzing from seeing our very own Andy on Horizon's 'The Truth about Personality' last Wednesday night... 

The documentary explored the latest science surrounding how our personalities are created - and whether they can be changed.  The presenter, Michael Mosley, adopted two techniques - one being the Headspace programme - in his efforts to become more optimistic in his outlook, and worry less.  

The documentary found that after only 7 weeks of using the Headspace programme there were significant changes in brain activity - suggesting a much more positive mental state. Michael Mosley reported "feeling more cheerful" and "sleeping better than [he] had for ten years".  

If you forgot to set your reminder, don't fret.  You're still able to catch us on BBC iPlayer if you're based in the UK, by clicking here

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