Tips for Getting Started

Andy Puddicombe September 09, 2013

Tips for Getting Started

Are you just getting started with your meditation, or perhaps helping somebody else to get started?

Here are the 3 top tips I'd give to anyone who's just starting out…

1) Don’t think about it, just do it
It may sound obvious, but meditation only works if you actually do it. It works even better if you do it on a regular basis…and even better than that if you follow our tried-and-tested approach. When it comes to meditation, just a very small commitment can lead to very big changes. Sure, reading and talking about meditation can be inspiring, but the magic happens when you sit down and close your eyes.

2) One day at a time
Just like learning any other skill, meditation requires practice. It’s not about doing as much as possible, but rather regular, consistent practice which will allow your brain to rewire itself. So it’s worth remembering that this is a skill for life, something which will continue to develop and evolve for as long as you continue to do it. But it might feel a bit more manageable (not to mention fresh) if you take it just a day at a time.

3) Motivation is everything
A limited mind is a limited practice – so think big. When you sit to meditate remember that it is not just for you, but also for all those around you – the people you interact with everyday – and even the people they then interact with (a sort of ripple effect). If you remember to do this then you’ll find it much easier to meditate. Not only that, but your meditation will have a much greater sense of meaning and importance for you.

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October 2, 2014

I just finished Take 10 and subscribed for one year. I feel elated to embark on this journey of daily meditation. I can already feel the effects of those ten days of daily meditation! It has helped me with my incredibly stressful work by finding a sense of calm above the madness. Thank you Andy!



October 20, 2014

Thanks for the 'heads-up'. Time to turn this thing into a habit!



October 20, 2014

it really is helpful, thank you Andy



November 12, 2014

I think you're ted talk was amazing and it made me get started with HeadSpace. I enjoy it so much I wrote about it on my blog at and purchased a subscription. Keep up the great work you've changed my life!



December 1, 2014

Thank you Andy! I did take10 and loved it so much I signed up for the year. Thanks for all you do to help people practice meditation.



December 2, 2014

A friend made me the gift of one month free meditation and meanwhile, after one month, I am totally hooked and cannot imagine to start my day without a headspace meditation session.
Great app, great lovely design and videos. I just subscribed for a year.
Love, Maria



December 7, 2014

I just bought an early Christmas gift for myself and subscribed for a year. I've been wanting a regular meditation practice for years, and now I have "a little help from my friends" to do that. The app makes it portable. The videos make it relevant. Thanks for changing the world, one mind at a time.



May 8, 2015

Hello, I joined in January and immediately put my membership on hold because I knew I woud not have the time for a few months. I need to find the re-start code which you gave me, can you help. Thank you